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Feeling Emotions With luupy [INTERVIEW]

Last week I sat down and did an interview with luupy, a budding new artist out of Austin, Texas. He is quickly making waves in the electronic music scene with aggressive and emotional basslines and a devil may care attitude. A few of our writers have been talking behind the scenes about his sound and the unique music that he has been releasing so I jumped at the chance to interview him.

In this interview we talk a bit about how he got into electronic production, his influences for his bass heavy music, and his aversion to Nazis. We cover his emotional standings, hit and miss some jokes, and even have a sound design pro-tip! Listen to the music that I’ll leave throughout the interview and enjoy this look into the mind of an extraordinary artist.

This is Hunter Atlas from Trapstyle.com and I’m here with luupy. So tell us a little bit about your musical background and how you got started with production.

Um… I started playing instruments and guitar in school when i was a kid, I’d guess around ten. When i was twelve i discovered computers and gaming and then realized that i could create music with computers and I was like ‘oh shit!’ I discovered Deadmau5, who was my first electronic artist and i wanted to do that. Less than a year later I bought Renoise for Linux, a fairly meh DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for 80-$90 by doing chores and borrowed my mom’s credit card. I mowed lawns and walked dogs and made some money so that I could afford it and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’ve gone through various aliases but now I’m here. I’ve been luupy for about a year, maybe more now.

That’s pretty cool actually, you tooled around with it until you found your sound! I’ve seen many artists go through various aliases until they find one that sticks and they get serious about their music.

Well I wouldn’t call myself serious about music, I still consider this a hobby and fun. Like I will get down and serious, I’m in an interview after all. This is still fun and games at the moment. I do this to relieve stress or I need to get something out. I make music, why not? If I’m not having fun why do it, you know?

I agree completely! You’re in college right now in Austin, are you planning on majoring in music studies or composition? Sounds like you might be going in a different direction.

I’m actually not going for a music degree. Right now the plan is for software and computer engineering.

It’s still a good way to go, you are being nerdy either way. You are programming sounds and turning knobs. You are messing with software either with making patches or writing code.

It’s all in my alley. Honestly I could take what I learn in college and create new VSTs or design a DAW with my software engineering degree. I could incorporate the skills that I learn in college into music. Will I do that? I don’t know. Will I get the degree that I’m after now? I don’t know. Life throws you curve balls and you just have to roll with it. Learning new things is always fun. That has to be my main drive, even when it comes to music. I just like learning about new stuff which is why I’m not taking music seriously. Look at my branding, it’s a mess. I know this, I do it on purpose and I don’t particularly care. I think that’s part of my aesthetic.

So Austin has the best tacos at least in my opinion, where is your favorite spot?

I remember as a kid and we went to other states and they didn’t have the best Tex-Mex. But the tacos down here are lit! Have you ever been to Torchy’s?

Yeah Torchy’s is badass!

Dude holy fuck! Next time you are there get the “Missionary Position”. It’s basically fried corn tortilla with pulled pork and some guac and some other stuff and they throw it in a flour tortilla. Maybe throw some queso on that, it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

So It’s basically sex in a taco..

Yeah that’s why they call it the “Missionary Position”!

How would you describe your music?

Emotional. All of it is emotional. If i’m angry I’ll portray my feelings in song. If i’m anxious, I’ll portray my feelings. All of my music is emotional, but so is all music. If i had to tell someone what to expect when telling them to listen to my page; I’d say most of it is aggressive and experimental. Some of it may be up your alley.

There is a lot of versatility shown in your production, with a lot of genres crossed and bent. Scott Prichard, another writer with us and our DnB Spotify Curator pointed out that there is a lot of glitch hop influence in your music. Do you still listen to that genre and if so who’s your favorite?

Deadmau5 was my first, but shortly after I was heavily attached to Noisia and KOAN Sound. They would be the largest influencers in my music. I am heavily inspired by glitch hop, there is amazing stuff out there. KOAN Sound can be on the aggressive side, but then there is Opiuo would be a little more funky.  It can go any way! I love that shit!

Deadmau5, Noisia, and Celldweller were some of the first ones to get me into electronic music i feel you there!

My mom got me into Celldweller, we used to listen to them.

You had a cool mom for sure. You just released your album titled Horror Story, an intense assault of bass on the senses. The whole thing feels like a rebellion against the current state of EDM. There is even a few tracks that add to the anarchy by going full on punk rock including the title “Punch A Nazi”. What I’m getting at is, did you cry when (Spoilers) Heroin Bob died in SLC Punk or did you think he was a poser?


(Swing and a miss)

You’ve never seen SLC Punk?  That song was just for giggles any way but I recommend watching it. Forget the spoiler.

I’m not really the best with references in media, sorry.

Jokes aside where do your punk influences come from and are you trying to bring that rebellious vibe to Electronic Music?

I just wanted to make punk songs because I love punk rock. You can call me a poser if you want, I was just having fun. “punch nazis” was last minute because of Charlottesville. I saw someone on twitter saying “Punch a Nazi” so I decided it was a good idea! #PunchANazi. I am definitely rebellious about EDM in general though.

Would you actually punch a Nazi?

Yeah probably. I’d punch the shit out of a Nazi. I’d make sure his teeth fall out. In all honesty I wouldn’t assault anyone. I don’t encourage violence, but I do not like Nazis.

Well we are in the business of killing nazis, and business is good!

Let’s get some nazi scalps! I love Inglorious Bastards, great movie!

Yes we are back on track, I got you with a reference! You are building a fanbase pretty quickly, I started following you a few months ago and you have doubled your fan count on Soundcloud since then. Have you played any shows in Austin?

I haven’t played any shows yet. I would love to get out there and play and tour, that would be fun!

Alright, time for a serious question… Pineapples on pizza?

No… I’m sorry but that’s bad. I’d rather have sardines on my pizza.

You’re a monster. That would be too salty, I’m already salty enough. Now a deeper, more serious question, posed by Jordan Kokal, the Trapstyle Prime A&R, wanting to know if there’s a certain point in your life that changed your mentality on things, or a landmark moment that pushed you to do something different. Made you look through a different lens per se.

I’m a pretty angry person sometimes. Music is my stressball, it’s a great creative outlet. The birth of luupy happened just before “words”. When I put it out I made it purely out of anger. Before then I was making some glitch hop and a rapper stole my track. I told him on Twitter that if he wanted to use it he had to pay. He didn’t want to so I had to get the track taken down. Him and his friends were bitching to me for a while and one of them said “you fucking suck” and it made me so mad. I decided to make “words” to show that they are just words and they can’t stop me. That’s when I started to build a fanbase, because of the aggressive anti-establishment mentality.

Well i’m not only a writer for Trapstyle, but I’m also A&R for a label and I have to say that what you make is so rare. So many people want to sound like a mass produced sample pack. That’s why I think people are latching onto your sound. It feels so real.

Sound Design Pro-Tip in 3…2…1…

Speaking of sample packs and sampling, I definitely sample things myself. Something fun to do as an artist is use your microphone and record everything. Banging chopsticks on pringles cans, recording a guitar, everything. A trick I learned on YouTube is taking your mic and sampling the silence in a room and use the tone to make keys. If you put your mic in different rooms, you’ll get different tonalities.Throw the white noise in a sampler and then use an eight band EQ to find the resonance. Then resample it with a midi track.

What can we expect from luupy before the end of the year?

I don’t really plan releases, I just do them. You can definitely expect more music before the year ends.


There you have it, I hope you were entertained as much as I was while travelling down the rabbit hole that is luupy’s mind. Don’t sleep on this artist and stream his full album “Horror Story” below:

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