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Crystal Knives x Antics Drop New Collab ‘Close’

Its as if Wisconson’s Voltron of DJs just assembled as Crystal Knives and Antics team up to drop “Close“. From confusing signals to magical dreams, “Close” embodies the trippy feelings we get from a romantic crush.

The song begins with subtle wind chimes sparkling under a detuned pad which sets the tone of the song. Following the intro, the solemn vocals of Elluna pave the way with dissonance. When the feelings of confusion in the trip dissipate the playing of the supersaw signals the beginning of the chorus and a new rabbit hole altogether. The feelings of confusion go all up in smoke as the magical feeling of being with your crush come falling in.  The twists and turns of “Close” really give you the feeling of the emotional hurricane your crush can take you on.

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