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Listen To Fransis Derelle’s ‘Bang’ With Mikey Caesar

What has been a busy year for Fransis Derelle is quickly drawing to a close, but the man shows no signs of slowing down. ‘Bang’ features the intense vocal work of Mikey Caesar. The high octane collaboration is sure to set off your speakers. It’s a masterclass in hard hitting trap, with killer production and the beefiest of beats, complimented by Mikey’s effortlessly cool vocals.

The flow of the vocals will make it near impossible for you to dance. The producer did an exceptional job at setting the tone and creating a mystical atmosphere that rapidly transforms to an implosion of energy. The drop introduces us to a heavy 808 accompanied by an eery lead sound that you’ll never be able to get out of your head. This record is LOUD in the best possible way. If that wasn’t enough, the 2nd chorus will keep you on your toes as the unpredictability of the tune only adds to this stellar production. ‘Bang’ is out now on Circus Records.

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