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Feel Something Special With ‘Touch’ By Le Malls

Organic and different, Touch jumps into the scene as another smash hit by young artist Le Malls.

18-year-old producer Le Malls is making a name for himself by making truly original artwork for your ears to enjoy. Though new to the industry, his recent releases have exploded in notoriety with over 20,000,000 streams. In an ever entropic music scene, he is truly standing out in the crowd. His newest musing Touch is magic in a sea of normalcy.


Cover Art Touch Le Malls

A fusion of guitar, future bass synths, and off the cuff drum beats; this track rings of originality. Furthermore, English singer Imogen Mahdavi comes in with brilliant vocals bringing warmth and energy to the mix. Le Malls blends genres in true rebel fashion saying “I hate it when people give me a direction with to compose music”. If you want something truly unique, tune into Le Malls and his titanic new hit.

Stream the tune below:


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