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The Night Tchami and Malaa Took Over NYC

Taken By Peter Velez

The most anticipated tour for house fans for this year made its stop in Brooklyn New York this
weekend for Tchami and Malaa’s “No Redemption Tour”. The Dynamic Duo took the stage for their 8th
scheduled stop as they make their way across North America to perform some of the hardest hitting
tracks that house music has to offer.

The duo kept the set aggressive and diverse as possible, not only playing classics that the two are known for. Transitioning between the two seemed like an interesting challenge. The structure of the stage kept both artists at a distance which limited communication, but it didn’t pose a threat as each track seamlessly transitioned into the next one. This wasn’t your average back to back where they just switched between every song as you can feel the momentum from each track was well thought out; making sure the next song either complimented the last song, delivered the explosive drop that kept the crowd energized, or prepped it for a change in tone. Nothing seemed like it was thrown in last minute or half-hearted. Both artists had their own time to have fun and to express their representation of house. Ending with their 2017 songs of the year, the two raised the standard for a duo co-op tour.

Tchami and Malaa

The visuals not only complimented the artist’s personas but the venue as well. Brooklyn Hangar
is one of the newer additions to Brooklyn’s nightlife that provides a very industrial tone which complimented The “No redemption Tour”. The stage split evenly, both artists had their half to set it to what fit their personas. Tchami returning to the notorious “Church set” making alterations in order to fit the religious theme he was known for, while Malaa went for a grittier, urban vibe, which had chain link fences, graffiti, and empty barrels. The details that went into the set are something people that are planning to see the show should look out for. Things from the table they were performing from, down to the drinks they brought on stage. Tchami chose a more elegant approach going with a chalice, as Malaa drank from a bottle in a brown paper bag. One of the things that were subtle with the visuals but definitely noticeable is how they made it clear as to who was performing. If you are new to Tchami and or Malaa and don’t know their entire discography, the visual team behind the production tried to make the active artist stand out more than the other. An example was the song “Notorious”, Malaa’s half of the stage had the most lighting and visual activity.

With a packed house and a beautiful production, this is was a nice way to end 2017 for both Malaa and Tchami. The divide between the two artists gave it this “Heaven and Hell” theme that really struck. It’s going to be interesting how they will return once the tour is over.

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