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WHIPPED CREAM slams the senses with a dark and intense debut to working with bass imprint TWONK.

WHIPPED CREAM’s tenacity and passion for music have been bringing her to the attention of listeners exponentially this year. The Vancouver-based DJ/Producer has been premiered multiple times by Nest HQ, created an official remix for Josh Pan, performed at Shambhala, as well as HARD SUMMER. She is quickly becoming a household name with her unconventional drumlines and basses. Her newest musing SHE is in collaboration with TWONK, the label inprint headed by the legendary BRILLZ.

WHIPPED CREAM-Taken from facebook


SHE is an intense flurry of tribal drums along with unwavering bass that drives the drops forward. Sweeping vocal notes carry the track forward while syncopated percussion keep the energy high throughout. Closing my eyes, I imagine the track taking place within a dark forest. A ritual is being performed and people are dancing around an alter. The imagery is vivid and the song is incredible. This fits perfectly WHIPPED CREAM’s discography, while reaffirming her ability to pull away from the mainstream. 

Here is what Caroline says about the new track:

I named it after myself, like a feminine energy in a masculine home – if I was a song, it would be ‘SHE’ if that makes sense.

With every release, this talented artist shows us more over that she is a force to be reckoned with and has so much to offer.

Stream SHE below and get WHIPPED:

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