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Badklaat Drops Latest Remix on Firepower Records

Badklaat, one of Dubstep’s biggest producers, is a name that many know and love. His tracks have been rinsed out at events and festivals all over the world, as well as multiple tracks and XL mixes on Never Say Die: Black Label.  He is constantly putting out some amazing tracks, ones like “Gypsy Dub,” “Head Crush,” and most recently “UK Cheese,” and “Knuckle Sandwich,” released on Black Label. Over the years he has crafted such a unique sound, that the moment you hear it you know it’s his track.

Four months ago Datsik dropped a track on Firepower with 1000volts, Redman and Jayceeoh “Monster.” The track is full of break your neck, heavy bass; that good old dubstep sound.  Badklaat dropped his remix recently and you can tell it is definitely his. He slows it down a little, and gives that deep bass sound; just like the drop in “Head Crush.”  The producer seems like he can honestly do no wrong, anything he touches is absolute gold.  His remix of “Monster” proves that too.

Stream The Track Here: