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Hear Ashlee Keating New Single, “Hurt Me So Good”

Beautiful new songbird on the rise Ashelee Keating is making a lot of noise right now thanks in part to her new song, “Hurt Me So Good”. Following two years of true reflection of herself and the sound she has created. Not only has she written a hit single in “Hurt Me So Good” completely herself, the song is a real relatable coming of age song that tells her story.

Ashlee the making of “Hurt Me So Good”:

“Hurt Me So Good” brings out a fierce sassy side to me that hasn’t really been seen yet. It’s an upbeat pop/dance song with a little bit of a rock vibe mixed with urban melodic lyrics in the verses. I wanted to do something unique and different showing who I really am, my most authentic self. I was inspired to write this song by realistic situations in my life that can be very relatable to lots of people going through toxic relationships. The message behind it is talking about being with a guy that hurts me so good, but I love the pain so I keep on going back when I know I shouldn’t.”

Listen to the new song above and stay glued to Trapstyle for everything Ashlee Keating.

Hear “Hurt Me So Good”, courtesy of Spotify.