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Meet alxxa & Her Hot New Debut, ‘Body’

Her songs, “Hung Up” and “Nobody” made us pay attention, the debut EP, Body by the Los Angeles singer/songwriter alxxa will prove that the culture is witnessing the future of Pop music.

Making the introductory debut has been a well-deserved accomplished moment in the up-and-coming recording artist career to-date. Body is a tasty appetizing 4-track body of work infused with great electronic-meets-pop melodies. Sharing her emotions and personal side to newfound fans, alxxa gives listeners an experience they haven’t seen in Pop music since the introduction of Halsey.

alxxa describes the process of making her debut EP with the following statement.

“This EP is about moving on from a relationship. It kind of covers all the stages: grief, denial, anger, acceptance… with a fair bit of sass sprinkled in. “Swerve” has a sassy, angry spunk to it; we all HATE it when someone twists our words into something we didn’t mean. “Burn to Dust” is a very emotional song for me, covering that low point during a break up. There is this moment when a relationship is ending where you truly manipulate yourself into the irrational fear that you cannot possibly live without the other person… the mind is a really powerful thing. “Icy Love” is getting towards acceptance, recognizing you deserve better than the shitty love you have been receiving from this person. Finally, “Body” means, well, you are ready to get it on again.”

alxxa is a magificant new act that your playlist should get familiar with today. Don’t be late to the party, follow alxxa’s trailblazing path now. Follow alxxa today on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Stream Body below, courtesy of Soundcloud.