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Lil’ Skies’s “World Rage” Is Worth All The Rage

Championing a bubblegum trap sound that is playful and bouncy, Lil Skies’s latest single “World Rage” partners the rapper with talented producers, Danny Wolf and Otxhello, to create a pop rap tune that will find home in many Soundcloud users’ likes. The 20-year old rapper has had a strong campaign with two singles, “Nowadays (#55)” and “Red Roses(#69),” charting the Billboard Hot 100 this year. The repertoire of singles garnered enough attention and popularity from listeners for Skies to score a deal with Atlantic Records and earn an invite to this year’s XXL Freshman Class, which he would decline. Although the decision was polarizing for fans, Skies makes up for it with “World Rage” — a toybox, auto-tune rap banger that feels like Lil’ Yachty. Joining forces with Skies are heavyweight producers Otxhello and Danny Wolf who have made names for themselves on Soundcloud over the last couple years. With a playful sound that will be stuck in your head for weeks, Lil Skies’s “World Rage” is worth the rage to check out. Give it a listen here: