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2018’s EDC Las Vegas was a blast

I was fortunate enough to attend Day 3 of The Electric Daisy Carnival this year. Day three is rumored to be the best night under the electric sky for many reasons. A few being there’s less people, great vibes, parking is easier, and everyone is sad for the three days of utter bliss to come to an end.

This was the first year that Insomniac decided to provide camping at the venue, the general consensus was that it was a hit. It provided a great deal of convenience and made for a better EDC experience by providing Ravers with an on-site after party. What more could you ask for?

The tents also included air conditioning with a slew of activities both in the day at night. Needless to say this is a game changer and camping is an absolute must from now on. The carnival rides this year were the same as the last but one of the rides stood out compared to the others, Insomniac somehow got their hands on Michael Jackson’s “Yo Yo Ride” from the Never-land Ranch. That’s right! I my self along with thousands of other ravers go the opportunity to ride on an attraction straight from the King of Pop’s actual ranch. Crazy!

Throughout my EDC experience I managed to catch a few acts as well as experience everything EDC’s carnival square and various stages had to offer. A few noteworthy DJ acts were Eric Prydz aka Pryda, Hazard B2B DJ Hype, Post Malone, Bhad Bhabie, and Rezz.

The act that made the most news (other than Bhad Bhabie’s surprise appearance) was rumor of Zomboy’s wall of death. If you’re not familiar with the “Wall of death” it’s traditionally a death metal mosh pit in which two sides are split up into two opposing teams only to be commanded to immediately MOSH right into each other.

Mayhem ensued and cleared the dance floor for the two drum & bass legends that were about to murder Basspod’s next round of victims. All in all 2018’s EDC did not dissapoint, and remains the mecca of all raves to this day.

Until next year Insomniac, see you under the electric sky.


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