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Exclusive: Chris Varvaro Talks New Sound and Making Impact in 2019

With his new single, “Broken” taking off, we spoke with fast-rising recording artist Chris Varvaro on his highly-anticipated breakout 2019. In the exclusive interview, Chris reveals tricks of the trade, mapping out your destiny in music, and so much more. Get familiar with the new star in the complete interview below.

[Trapstyle] What influences do you think shine through the productions you make?

[Chris Varvaro] That is so tough and I wish I had one answer because I have so many musical influences. I listen to all types of music to inspire me like Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Deep House/ several other EDM genres, Hip Hop, etc. I am all over the place right now in terms of what I listen to I don’t really think I can point to a specific influence. I would say currently though it’s a blend of Soft House, Ambient and Chillout, and Progressive.

Particularly with Broken being a part of the #pursoundmovement, I aimed to blend all of my current inspirations I just mentioned together. The genre and movement of Pursound are about blending those genres, breaking some rules, and creating something extremely powerful. It’s about being unique and having originality as an artist, and I really hope I can inspire other producers out there to make some weird shit that they take real pride in making.

For other producers out there, what are key elements you think tend to get overlooked for getting your music exposure in 2019?

People fail to realize that it’s all about a solid marketing, branding, and promotions plan. People look at artists and wonder how the fuck they blew up – they’re fixated on the final product (I am guilty of this too a lot of the time). But, if you release a track with no plan, that’s like trying to go ice skating with no ice skates. It just won’t work. It sucks because you need to have a budget, but that’s just the name of the game now. The market is just so saturated everyone gets lost in the sauce, especially now with Instagram and literally, every other platform decreasing organic reach day by day. You need to plan every single move. I am still working on this aspect of the business myself, and it is especially tough because I have to balance a full workload at college! It’s definitely one of my main weaknesses.

Is there certain themes or message you aim to convey through the Chris Varvaro project?

Yes. And the message is that my brand can and will evolve as I develop as a human being. I want the project to be personal, honest, and versatile (with a dapper look of course 😉 ). I am going to be putting out a variety of music under this name and I am/have been experimenting with different types of social media content. I am really excited about it and I think it is going to be a really good way to build an even more honest personal brand. I really look forward to connecting with my audience on a more personal level.

If you could play any festival what would it be?

Ultra Miami. It has always been my dream show and I will not stop grinding until I get to play that show! Even by the time I end up on stage there, I will still be hustling.

Do you prefer vocal tracks of instrumentals? Why or why not?

You know, I love the instrumentals. But when it comes down to it, vocals entice listeners. I would love to keep releasing straight instrumentals, but I continue to find that vocal mixes just do better. My preference is definitely more towards instrumentals because I love it when productions can stand alone and speak from themselves. I really appreciate intricacies in productions and I put details in my tracks for the listener to appreciate. I think I probably will do that in the future – hint, hint ;).

What type of new music to you aim to release this year?

A lot of stuff in the vein of Broken and in the Pursound genre. That is one of the main priorities. BUT – I have a few other styles of tracks that are coming out later this year that I am freaking STOKED about! A lot of stuff outside my comfort zone / my usual work and I think it is going to be really cool. Soon enough you will see.

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