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Oolacile Breaks Ground With “Kandi” On Bassrush Records

The current state of dubstep and even bass music in general is arguably at an all time high in the scene that we call home. The wubs have become second nature to festival life and headbanger culture is currently peaking with massive dubstep and drum and bass parties around the world including Excision’s Lost Lands dubstep mecca, Shambhala, basically any Bassrush promoted event, and of course, the Electric Daisy Carnival where for three days a massive fire breathing stage pumps out the bass.

This would all be pointless if not for the level of ingenuity and creativity that has kept the burgeoning bass music world alive and well as up and coming artists continue to push envelopes and boundaries through sound design and style blending. One of the most underrated producers and sound designers of the current bass music community, Oolacile has been skirting under the mainstream radar for far too long given some of his tunes have been the most rinsed tracks at some of the world’s largest parties including his massive collaboration between edge lord Svdden Death and local crack head Ubur “Sauce Boys” and his fan favorite “Riddim Girl” that combines mean ass dubstep with anthem-like rave vibes. This brings us to today’s release from Oolacile, “Kandi” out now on Bassrush Records.

“Kandi” is a reimagining of a classic dubstep style tune circa 2012 where a strong melody is present with his distinct blend of tortured bleeps and bloops to add some spice. From the intro to the finale of the track, “Kandi” takes the listener through Oolacile’s own personal rave journey as he draws inspiration from the “PLUR” world and combines his love for all things rave culture with his collection of raw dubstep basses and distinguished sound efx. With three different drops we get a unique flow from pretty to heavy and down to pretty damn heavy with a combination of future bass and riddim vibes. Oolacile has been slowly collecting tunes to unleash upon the dubstep scene and this is only just the beginning.

If I’m being honest I’ve been a die hard fan of Oolacile since I heard “Bell Of Awakening” years ago and this “Kandi” tune is one of the most out there tracks Cooper has put together stylistically unless of course you are counting his latest country trap project, but that’s why we are Oolacile fans. This is electronic dance music, it originated with odd and confusing computer generated sounds and for my fellow nerds out there tweaking knobs and hitting buttons, it should be something you crave. Oolacile is originality, creativity, and fun and he communicates that with tracks like “Kandi” that ignore the idea of genre elitism and purely are sick tracks that were crafted but someone saying “I wonder what happens if I…..”

You can stream “Kandi” below out now on Bassrush Records and catch Oolacile as he stomps thousands of Kandi Kids with a rough and eclectic set of head banging bass music for his debut Electric Daisy Carnival performance.

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