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DayFox Shares New Song, “Lioness”

German-based DJ DayFox has built a legion of followers with his string of 2019 breakout hits. Continuing to take over Dance with an infectious new single, “Lioness”.

A club friendly delivery while supplying a meaningful message – a feat easier said than done. From the peak-pleasant vocals to the rhythmic, vocal-sample-&-keys duality in the drop, DayFox’s sends forth a positive, moving mood with plenty of creative memorable moments within.

A rising star, DayFox has received praise from big names likes Robin Shultz. The new single has already accumulated over 100,000 streams and onward to be DayFox’s biggest hit yet. The perfect jump-on point for newfound fans eager to see what this new sensation has in store next.

“Lioness” is available now via WePlay. Stream the new song below, courtesy Spotify.