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Virginia Sensation Justis Bratt Drops New Song, “Fuego”

Justis Bratt born in Bethesda, MD, raised in Virginia, has a heart of gold and the fiery drive of a wild lion. She, who has been performing since age seven, finds her passion in music and entertainment from her deep-rooted self-esteem issues she once struggled with as a child being a survivor of bullying. She would sit in her room for hours writing her pain and melancholic thoughts into her journal which she eventually put onto beats stored on her mother’s computer and into dance.

Justis has performed over 100 times before the age of 15. However, once she entered high school, her mother presented her with a non-negotiable rule. Before she could continue her musical ventures, she would have to maintain honor-roll and graduate high school with an advanced diploma. In Justis’s household, education was imperative to her parents and they weren’t going to allow their children’s dreams to blind them from the security of a back-up plan Incase all else fails. With a burning passion for the stage and an insatiable hunger for music, Justis Bratt graduated not only high school -with an advanced diploma-, but she graduated COLLEGE also (a week before her high school graduation; therefore, technically, she graduated college before she graduated high school) with an associates degree in General Business Studies at Piedmont Virginia Community College through an associates program with her high school [Louisa County High School]. Let the record show that she graduated with the most college credits in her schools history, was the first Black student to finish the associates program in her schools history, was one of three students in her entire senior class to finish the program, and completed over 9,000+ community service hours (the most in the states history for a student). This is a testament to her dedication to her music and her unrelenting passion for entertainment to insure that her parents would allow her access back on the stage.

A pivotal moment in Justis’s career that highlighted her direction in where her music was going was February 17th, 2017. Justis, only 17 years old, sold over 300 tickets to a club performance in Richmond, Va (Club Infuzion). Being that Justis was still an unknown artists, this was a testimony to her career and where it was heading. 

Recently [May 9th, 2019], Justis Bratt released a brand new single song titled “Fuego.” “Fuego” is a hip-hop track with a Latin spirit. It’s electrifying rap lyrics not only make you wanna put a crack in your back, but it’s a song you can blast in your car, in your room, or in your headphones.

On June 1st, 2019 she had the honor of performing with hip-hop legend Kieth Murray at his birthday bash where he pointed her out for her exceptional stage presence and character. On June 5th, 2019 she was brought out to perform with Da Imphamous Amadeuz at his New Artist Spotlight showcase where she stole the show and was again congratulated for her wonderful showmanship and outstanding performance abilities. She is now in talks with hit rapper Fred The Godson about collaborating on a track together.

From the amount of drive and work ethic Justis Bratt exudes, and the way she’s moving, she’s sure to maintain a long, fruitful career in entertainment.