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Chase Fetti Talks New Jersey Hip Hop, Albee Al, & Being Next Up

This Cliffwood, New Jersey-native, Chase Fetti, is one of the most talked-about new artists coming out of the East Coast right now.

It was the home of Redman, Joe Budden and Fetty Wap, that has catapulted their new big thing to nationwide awareness, backing his deep cuts like “Gorilla Musik” and “Talk To You”. Now, spreading like wildfire with his latest song, “Brazy,” Chase Fetti sits down with Trapstyle to break down what comes next for the star on the rise.

[Trapstyle]: Thoughts on the latest Albee Al situation?
[Chase Fetti]: Shit is wicked out here! Since I met homie she treated me like family! Just spoke to him about leaving the streets alone fully. Shit is sad man.

What was it like growing up in New Jersey?
Honestly, it was fun… it was def wild and dangerous but you learn to adapt. 

North or South Jersey?
I’m from Central Jersey. Only place in South Jersey I fuck around is AC. Shout out to my go hard niggas down there. North Jersey is where I’m most.

What’s to come before the year is out?
I have seven unreleased videos and ima def dropping a project prod by   

We saw you were at Power 105.1 recently, things seem to be moving! Do you notice the attention growing yourself? How do you deal with it?
I notice it but I act like I don’t so I don’t get distracted. Very appreciative of it all. 

You now have a list of records that have broken 50K on Spotify, what’s your favorite out of them all?
Thanksgiving and Fuck you.

Can we expect more of Brazy Chase Fetti or more so lyrical Chase Fetti with the next single?
Lyrics matter [Laughs].

Favorite East Coast artists?
Jay-Z all-time favorite. 

Who would you love to collaborate with?
, Meek Mill, Drake.

Tell us about Brazy and how it came about?
Honestly a throwaway song. Two god people at two different times insisted that I drop it so I did.

What are you looking to display or represent in your music?
Bars , stories, just trying to bring the feeling back.

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