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Chase Fetti Talks New Jersey Hip Hop & More Coming in 2020

Chase Fetti is a promising new artist coming out of New Jersey. Eager to follow a recent amazing Hip Hop run (Fetty Wap, Tsu Surf) with his own success. Fetti sits down with us to discuss his immediate plans, current viral popularity and New Jersey’s impactful sound. Learn more about Chase Fetti below.

Can we expect more releases before the year ends?
Yes you can, I’ma drop a project shit maybe two. Definitely some singles
and videos tho. 
Favorite records that you’ve released this year?
“Thanksgiving” and “Fuck you”.
How old are you?
Too old for a 360 deal [laughs].

Is it hard for you to handle music and life all at the same time?
Life gets rough on everyone at times, long as u stay solid and DONT QUIT you’ll survive.

Advice for possibly someone younger than you looking to become a rapper or come out of his shell and do what he wants to do in life?
Practice on your craft. Invest in yourself 

What do you want people to take from your music when they listen to Chase Fetti?
Me, I’m just telling my story.

Top 5 rappers from your home state present?
Albee Al, Tsu Surf, Retch, , Shake070 (who on right now).

Favorite producer?
Man, this is a hard question. I fuck wit just blaze, J
Dilla, Swizz, alchemist, havoc … I do it’s a lot. 

Do you view yourself as an east coast rapper or a global artist?
Global, I do have a sound that I like for myself but in fact, I can make any kind of music I want.

Any more major features up in the vault?
I got some shit [laughs].

How did it feel to be up on Power 105.1 recently for your music?
Def dope. All I need now is my shit in rotation daily [laughs].

What is the music scene like where you are from in particular? 
Few niggas do they thing. 

Favorite producer of all time?
It’s a lot. 

Your record “Brazy” has been rising for sure. Is this a good example of what’s to come from Chase Fetti?
Brazy was a throwaway track honestly. Just threw it out to show versatility 

Are you signed? Plan on signing anywhere?
Nah I’m not signed, I don’t even have a manager. My homegirl Shar be holding me down as far as getting little things done I need.  Me signing a deal would have to be some kind of partnership because I have artists, they are all dope. I have producers and cam men! I record myself and just finish construction on our own studio. We gotta sit at that table together. Won’t 360 me [laughs].

What’s been the biggest obstacle so far in your career?
Staying consistent. Not getting my just due use to push me away from music at times but I’m back full force.