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Get To Know Philly Based Artist TMac 5200

TMac5200 is an up and coming rapper out of West Philly beginning to make noise in the hip hop world.  With his latest single, “I’m So Fly” receiving major attention, the new record serves as the first official single release from TMac5200 upcoming self-titled project. 

With a modern Drake/Meek Mill influence, TMac5200 serves as a voice for the streets and looks to close out 2019 with a bang.  In addition to some new projects, the rapper recently announced he plans on hitting us with a highly anticipated Kevin Gates collaboration in 2020.

Check out the interview below as we took some time out with TMac5200 to discuss life and music.

What is the most useless talent you have? 
Lol I know how to beatbox.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs ?
Lol of course and whatever melodies come to me. It’s also a way I come up with flies and melodies.

What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for music?
All the wrong stuff and hanging in my hood way too much.

Where have you performed ?
I actually haven’t performed yet.

How do you feel the internet impacted the music business?
Gift and curse. It makes the upcoming artist like me easier to be seen. The curse is the album sales and the over-saturated amount of artists.

Stream his new single ‘Im So Fly’ here:

Social Media :

Ig: @tmac.5200