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Mars IX & Dynamique Nabs Eihdz For New Hit, “Nicotine”

Mars IX is currently riding high with his latest single, “My Crew.” And with that, the established star keeps the wheels rolling with matching hit in the new Dynamique and Eihdz collaboration, titled, “Nicotine.” After achieving over 250,000 streams, the new song is engulfed in classic House and laced with a vibrant today’s dance production.

Mars IX on making “Nicotine”:

“Nicotine is a song about a constant struggle with one’s self. The balance between being an obsessive lover or heartless introvert is highlighted in the lyrics of the record. As the story unfolds, the lyricist’s metaphorical need for their partner’s love, like their need for nicotine, comes to light, proving that humans have a need for affection from other humans. Unfortunately, we believe that sometimes, people choose the wrong kinds of attention to fulfill their needs and we hope that when people hear this song, they’re able to disassociate themselves with negative kinds of love, attention, or affection that they are pursuing and are able to bring themselves into a place of positive energy and healing..”

On “Nicotine,” Dynamique and Eihdz support is electrifying. The three-headed monster creates a signature blend of dance that will sit comfortably at the top of the charts all 2020. “Nicotine” is an awesome lead up to a promising new album by Mars IX, potentially arriving late-2020.

In the meantime, “Nicotine” is available now on all DSPs. For more on Mars IX, follow the new star on Instagram.