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Oolacile Breaks Ground With “Kandi” On Bassrush Records

The current state of dubstep and even bass music in general is arguably at an all time high in the scene that we call home. The wubs have become second nature to festival life and headbanger culture is currently peaking with massive dubstep and drum and bass parties around the world including Excision’s Lost Lands dubstep mecca, Shambhala, basically any Bassrush promoted event, and of course, the Electric Daisy Carnival where for three days a massive fire breathing stage pumps out the bass. This would all be pointless if not for the level of ingenuity and creativity that has kept more »

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Beyond Wonderland 2019 Is Right Around The Corner

If you are searching for a unique musical and visual experience that differs from the now mundane and washed out greyscale of a scene that seems to be prevalent throughout the country, there are few better places to look than the calendar of Insomniac Events. While raves are no longer warehouse parties and PLUR is dead, the music scene is alive and kicking as a new wave of energy-hungry young adults look towards the EDM festival circuit for their dose of bass, lights, and beyond anything else, memories. Beyond Wonderland 2019, this years episode of the Alice in Wonderland themed more »

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The 5 Acts Your Ears Need to Hear at Bassrush Massive

Our hearts will always belong to the future of music. We strive to share what’s good and what’s next on the block with our friends to better this world through unique art. Though your particular taste may belong to one thing or another, there is always something new out there you haven’t heard yet. Thankfully the good people at Insomniac let Bassrush dip down into the talent pool for some gems. This is where we are going to show you a little bit about 5 different acts that you can’t miss at this years 2-day Bassrush Massive. #1 – Caspa more »

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Dieselboy Invades Control w/ Spock

Dieselboy Control Avalon Spock 2018

Drum and Bass has been the lifeline that brings bass music back to life as years progress. Artists like Dieselboy are the reason DNB still has a heartbeat while dubstep and other generes thrive. Today marks the day that Dieselboy reinvigorates DNB in Los Angeles. Taking over Avalon Hollywood for it’s weekly Control party, the drum and bass extraordinaire will be ravaging the sound system with a flurry of heavy hitting tunes. Expect a set of multi-deck mix ins, high energy drops, and a ride through drum and bass like you’ve never heard before. Joining Dieselboy will the up and more »

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MurDa and Oolacile Decimate Phiso’s “Wasteland”

MurDa x Oolacile Remix Phiso's Wasteland

Three names to rule them all: MurDa, Oolacile, and Phiso. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things heavy in bass music, I’ve watched each of these individuals since their earlist SoundCloud uploads and rinsed quite a few of their tunes at my own local shows. Now I have the pleasure of sharing a new piece of finely-crafted and fuel-injected music to obliterate your ear holes. Phiso’s original “Wasteland” was an anthem for wobble-heavy shows across the country over the last year. Though it was released in 2015 with a VIP releasing just two months ago furthering the tune’s reach, it more »

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5 & A Dime Creates Step-Controlled Sample Pad In New Video

5 & A Dime

With 800K views in one day and counting, 5 & A Dime‘s performance of his mega mashup ‘Damn I Feel Amazing’, will leave your breathless. Music has come so far in it’s evolution, and there are really no boundaries at all to what we can do as humans in the realm of sound. He has created a mix of Dance Dance Revolution and a sample pad. I gotta say, the whole song was lit, but as soon as Kendrick’s voice came in, I was overtaken by the music. Not to take away from any of the other samples, because everything more »

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Paperwings and BLSZRD Form Hybrid Bass Remix Of Miguel’s “Sky Walker”


Paperwings last release has been their biggest yet, topping over 176K plays on SoundCloud, proving itself certain organic acceptance within the dance music scene. The duo have fused their talent with fast-rising BLSZRD, a dude who has won A-grade remix competitions and gained the support of Jauz and others. Fast forward to 2018, the two acts have transformed Miguels “Sky Walker,” into a walk in the clouds. Unique twists on future bass and squeaky clean production value as the centerpiece works nicely as the two combined the best of both within this remix.

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4B Delivers New Jersey Club Pop Sound With “Drown”

24-year-old DJ and producer Bobby McKeon is the guy behind 4B, a name that might sound familiar to jersey fans. After performing at Coachella, Ultra Miami, Hard Summer, and EDC Las Vegas alongside Soulja Boy last year, the artist is now here to showcase his latest tune dubbed jersey club pop. “Drown” will deliver a refreshing sound that the jersey scene is definitely in need of, as the combination of thunderous trap elements and pop vocals work together to create an addicting new track. Make sure to catch the DJ on tour with Kayzo as well if they are in your more »

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Kastra drops vocal anthem single “Renegade” with Lauren Mayhew

American producer Kastra is known for surfing those trendy waves in electronic music. His brand new release “Renegade” has all the feels and vibes you would find in a commercial pop song. The capable and growing artist has great sound design up his sleeve. Teaming up with L.A. based singer song-writer Lauren Mayhew was a solid call given her amazing performance on the track. Fresh off the press, Renegade is a product of dynamic chemistry that the artists share. Elegantly filled with melodic and future house elements, the song reaches emotional heights and depths. Lovely tones collide with the classic dance pop structure more »

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bvd kult and Tanjent nail their collab anthem “Wild Eyes”

Independent artists are really paving a lane on their own especially in the dance music scene. bvd kult is one of the many that has relentlessly been garnering support on his music amongst the competitive flutter. The talented UK based artist teamed up with boyband trio Tanjent to create their anthemic debut single titled, “Wild Eyes”. The song builds in a fun, progressive, and catchy manner as it is pleasantly combined with Tanjent’s amazing mainstream performance as well as their first musical appearance together as a group. Their new release is a truly dynamic song that fits perfectly in todays space. Accompanied more »

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Austria’s Ninski Infuses Electronic with Hip Hop on “Stars”

Austrian dance producer Ninski is making waves with his consecutively epic singles. His last song with Australia’s pop diva Luna May did him some justice by landing on Trap Nation’s youtube channel and now he’s back with another beacon of a release titled “Stars” out now via Tipsy Records.  The instrumentalist did a splendid job infusing Lanz’s hip hop vocal performance with his electronic style. Adding just a hint of familiar trap and bass elements to top it off, Ninski is one promising artist to keep an eye on for the future. Grab the song for a limited time only free download: https://goo.gl/3qyYH7

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INSTRUM returns with anticipated single “You And I”

Following his well received previous release via Tipsy Records, the American producer INSTRUM, makes his return with a highly anticipated single “You And I,” featuring Ashley Wasser. Known for his millions of streams on Soundcloud, he aims to expand his audience to new platforms. The dance pop sound comes naturally for INSTRUM as he continues to make meaningful experiences for his listeners.  Strong layered plucks lead the way as Ashley’s gorgeous top line performance takes root. Her voice and lyrics are the perfect guide as we journey through the easy-going tones and tropical house elements. INSTRUM’s combination of a calm intro and addictive production more »

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Krank & Stein Bring A Firestorm With Fire And Fury EP

After debuting their first single, Krank & Stein is back and with several new tracks! Their Fire And Fury EP is one that packs an array of diverse releases and serious bass. You can expect to unpackage brutal guitar riffs, beastly growls, and monster drops around every corner. With Warpaint being the home for this wild album, you can only expect it to be one with serious low end. So dive in and get rowdy with Krank & Stein, you won’t regret it on this dubstep and trap hybrid!

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TRAPSTYLE x AWAL Present Tutorial Tuesdays Vol 1: Using Sends in Ableton

Tutorial Tuesdays

TrapStyle has always been about pushing the next wave of artist and producer. From spotlighting obcure musicians to providing a free label, we want to give back to the community of artists. Now we aim to help producers who may not be able to afford expensive schools for music production so we’ve joined forces with up-and-coming bass wizard AWAL for some quick tips and tricks that will help you along your path with a few helpful tutorials. This month’s video brings you the breakdown on using Send Tracks in Ableton. Sends (sometimes called return tracks or return channels) are used more »

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Krank & Stein Debut Their Spooky Hit “Yung Frank”

The latest bass duo Krank & Stein may not ring a bell with you just yet, but they’re sure to become a name you won’t forget! The day has come for them to reveal what they’ve been putting together in their lab and breath it to life, with their first self-release as a Warpaint Artist. “Yung Frank” is here to instill fear and thrills with their slamming hybrid tune that is already amounting to be a hit. You can expect hip-hop vocals to captivate you and lead you quickly into the first of many unique drops that dominate this eerie more »

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Carnage and GRAVEDGR Release Hardstyle Anthem “HIJUEPUTA”

DJ Carnage and GRAVEDGR have teamed up to make one powerful combo for their latest tune “HIJUEPUTA”. This massive track packs a huge punch with it’s slamming kicks and shrieking synths. If you’re going to dedicate a song to the ravers then you already know it’s going to be one that can get crowds rowdy and cause people to go absolutely crazy. The two artists do just this and more with their hardstyle anthem and we couldn’t recommend it more to start an instant party!

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Dropgun & Natan Chaim Join Forces For Dance Hit “Really Mine”

Dropgun is two Russian born producers that have had an impressive discography since their start in 2015. Their extensive collaborative efforts have landed them works with Breathe Carolina, Swanky Tunes, and DVBBS (who they released their popular track with, “Pyramid”). This time around they have teamed up with Natan Chaim to release their jovial hit “Really Mine”. You can find soothing vocals that complete their production perfectly, as a tropical infusion greats you. From the vocal chops to the addicting melodies, this is one tune you won’t want to miss!

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Bailo & Lit Lords Release Vocal Trap Anthem “Want”

The New York-based artist Bailo and hard trap duo Lit Lords are here to deliver their latest collab “Want”. This tune features mesmerizing vocals that will have you hooked from Tima Dee’s voice alone. As the song progresses, a high-energy build throws you into an unexpected hard hitting drop, complete with screeching synths and slamming kicks. You’ll be lost in the dark world of “Want” before you even hit the second verse!

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Blaxtork Brings Heavy Tribal Vibes With “Tropic”

Blaxtork is the Guatemalan DJ taking the bass scene by storm. With support from heavy hitters, such as Henry Fong, Mightyfools, and Sick Individual, it’s safe to say that this is one artist making a splash. His latest release “Tropic” is here to showcase itself on the underground label MACA Records, which has had a huge explosion lately. You can expect the tune to take you by surprise, as his mix of jersey and jungle terror add up to one deadly combination!

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MRNG Brings Forth “Side Chick” On Warpaint Records

With performances at renown venues such as Blues San Diego, Bassmnt Nightclub, Fluxx Nightclub, Hard Rock San Diego, and more, MRNG is one trio that has been taking the scene by storm. As of lately, they’ve been focusing more on their production game and have teamed up with Warpaint Records to deliver their latest release. “Side Chick” is a trap tune that will get you grooving as catchy hip-hop vocals take over powerful verses and three unique drops take you by surprise. You’ll have the verse melodies stuck in your head before the song even ends!

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