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Black A.M. Remix NGHTMRE & Gunna’s “Cash Cow”

NGHTMRE and Gunna’s new hit, “Cash Cow” is one of the hottest songs in Dance right now. Today, fast-rising recording artist black a.m. adds his own ingredients to the new song. On the remix, black a.m. switches up the game with a house infusion of a traditional blues rock combination, topped with a catchy modern-pop sound. Gunna vocals remain and blend perfectly with black’s new vibe. Radio-friendly, exciting and light-hearted, a great addition to black’s buzzing catalog. “Cash Cow” is a follow-up remix to black a.m.’s previous effort, “Geechi”. “Cash Cow” is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans looking more »

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Valerie Lighthart’s “Mean To Me” Gets MIDNIGHT CVLT Remix

After releasing two previous remixes for her new song, “Mean to Me,” promising singer Valerie Lighthart drops the third version curated by up-and-coming act Midnight CVLT. For this remix, Valerie enlists Midnight create a respectable crossover sound that separates completely from the previous remixes by The Brig and Trinergy. Supported by a three-pack EP, the new song is not only unforgettable but infectious from the moment the bass drops. Valerie on the collaboration: “Mean To Me is a pop celebration of heartbreak. Dark lyrics lie contrasted against an upbeat tune chronicling the demise of a fling. The tracks paints a more »

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Chelly The MC Adds Her Spin On “Shotta Flow” With A Decisive Remix

The red haired, Starlet hip hop emcee Chelly The Mc, recently dropped a remix to NLE Choppa’s hit track “Shotta Flow” which has not only listeners in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region tuned in but the entire world.  Along with the remix, she releases a video that features her delivering the song with her colleagues showing excitement, and Chelly riding around in a luxury vehicle reciting song lyrics.  “While shooting the video, I thought to myself, this video has to be as exciting as the song,” Chelly told reporters during the video shoot. She continued with ‘the more »

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Shlizk Drops Billie Eilish-Remix “When The Party’s Over” & Original “Personality Disorder”

Meet Ashley Haenel, better known as recording artist Shlizk, a fast-rising NYC sensation. Known for her infectious energy and captivating new dance sound, Shlizk treats newfound fans to a special 2-pak release in “When The Party’s Over” and “Personality Disorder”. “When the Party’s Over” is a remix to the popular Billie Eilish hit. Shlizk invades with her catchy new vibe of flavorful and easy to get into, enhancing the already embedded themes within.. While providing a certain juxtaposition. Honestly, one of the best remixes of Billie’s you will hear yet. “Personality Disorder” is a crafty original to serve as a more »

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The Funk Hunters’ “Party Rockin’ Gets a Great Sparkee Remix

New sensation Sparkee is in beast mode right now with the remixes. Continuing the trend, Sparkee remix of Party Rockin appears on The Funk Hunters Typecast Remix album which includes 21-remixes of songs from their debut album, Typecast. The remix album marks the one-year anniversary of the said album. On “Party Rockin”, the track features a signature Nu Disco-style consisting of the funkiestbasslines, syncopated synth hooks, and all-around groove. The remix is without a doubt an over-the-top incredible melodic guitar solo. Hailing from Halifax, inspired by the greats like The Noisy Freaks, Nile Rodgers, Daft Punk, and Joe Satriani, Sparkee more »

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MurDa and Oolacile Decimate Phiso’s “Wasteland”

MurDa x Oolacile Remix Phiso's Wasteland

Three names to rule them all: MurDa, Oolacile, and Phiso. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things heavy in bass music, I’ve watched each of these individuals since their earlist SoundCloud uploads and rinsed quite a few of their tunes at my own local shows. Now I have the pleasure of sharing a new piece of finely-crafted and fuel-injected music to obliterate your ear holes. Phiso’s original “Wasteland” was an anthem for wobble-heavy shows across the country over the last year. Though it was released in 2015 with a VIP releasing just two months ago furthering the tune’s reach, it more »

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