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EGZOD Delivers Unique New Single “Talisman” [Free Download]


EGZOD is literally probably one of the fastest growing artists I’m aware of. His unwavering growth has garnered him over 6 million streams across the internet and has circulated blog headlines over 70 times. His resume includes releases on NCS, PRMD Records, Artist Intelligence Agency, Spirited. Records, and more. He is gaining momentum at a noticeable rate and is back with yet another blazing hot single. His new tune titled “Talisman” is a unique combination of cultural sounds and mainstream dance music. Released via Uprise Music, the first half of this tune boasts a hybrid trap drop that capable of more »

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Big Boss’ Remixes Keys N Krates x KRANE’s ‘Right Here’

Melbourne’s Big Boss most definitely has his own unique style when it comes to his production; mixing in tons of different sounds with each and every one of his tracks.  His soundcloud is full of one heavy banger after another. This latest release is a remix to the very popular trio, Keys N Krates collab with KRANE; Right Here.  The original track is a super feel good, electronic track; with catchy vocals to match; giving it that Keys N Krates sound that fans have grown to love. Still keeping some of that uplifting feels with the vocals, Big Boss put a super more »

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Nitti Gritti and Jupe Drop Genre-Fluid Track ‘Famous’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We’re in an interesting time for genres in the US. EDM is rapidly expanding every day, being the fastest growing genre of our time. Simultaneously, with The Chainsmokers’ success, Future Bass and EDM-heavy production in general has been bleeding into Pop music. On top of that, popular Rap music in general has become Trap music with verses on top, lending itself better to EDM. Nitti Gritti and Jupe’s latest track ‘Famous‘ seems to be representitive of the freedom granted by such an indefinite state of music genres. ‘Famous’ kicks things off with a Rap style straight out of Travis Scott‘s more »

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Fresh delivery from Hucci’s label VERYON ARCHE. “Wrath” could be the soundtrack for 1000 short films. Near melancholy but never dull moods penetrate throughout and set the tone that HOUNDS & SENOJNAYR have crafted. This is the kind of song that fans will be referencing for a long time. “Wrath” is unchained to convention past the somewhat standard but well layered instruments and sounds. H&S take us through a gothic landscape, delicately assault us with some brassy synths, and then sweep it all into an eastern style swing that’s stronger than codeine. I keep pressing rewind and writing a new film in more »

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Artist Spotlight: Jessica Audiffred, the Mexico City Bass Baroness

Bass and Trap artist Jessica Audiffred has been on a roll over the last year. With backing from brands like Pioneer and Beats Audio, and even artist Flux Pavilion, it appears Jessica’s imminent come-up is more of a formality at this point, with the hard work already done. A dominant force already in the Mexican festival scene, 2017 appears to be the year where the Mexico City native will transition her momentum into the global scene. It’s easy to see why Jessica is such a powerhouse in the Mexican festival scene just by previewing any of her sets. Each mix more »

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Magna Releases All New Blistering EP Titled “Tombs” [Free Download]


Philadelphia based rising artist Magna is on the move. He is headed to the top of the game after the releases of his Tombs EP which is filled with original sounds and vibes. Released via Philadelphia’s own SUPERDEAD collective, this EP features a variety of sounds that is influenced by the early 1990s rave culture which brings a refreshing yet nostalgic feel to this unique record. The 4 tracks that make up Tombs still have the modern flash and pop of current dance music sounds just without the cliche build ups and over used, predictable formats. A definitely must hear for all of you more »

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Sandro Silva Is Changing It Up With His New EP Ambition

When the name Sandro Silva comes to mind, I think Electro, big heavy, house bangers; the last thing I would think of is Trap. But that certainly all changed today. His new EP Ambition, which just dropped today, is a huge jump from the music I’ve been hearing him put out over the years; but I’m definitely not complaining. Ambition showcases a whole new side to Sandro Silva, while still sticking slightly to his roots. The first track on the EP “Break Yo Neck,” completely threw me for a loop, like I said, when I think of him I think more »

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Buygore Presents : Fresh Blood – Volume Two.

17 artists/collabs consisting of  20 tracks of exciting flavors and sounds to come from Buygore are gratiously presented on the Free To Download “Fresh Blood – Volume Two” collection.  The theme speaks for itself. This is a solid collection of a few names you may have heard over the last couple years and many more that I’m sure you are going to be hearing a lot more about in days to come.  Enough attention was given to the track listing, overall flow, and artist contributions on this compilation to make it a comfortable listen top to bottom, which I recommend you do more »

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HEKLER Drops Massive Trap Banger ‘MEGALINK’

When it comes to HEKLER, the only thing you can know for sure that you’re gonna get is top level sound design, and all the bass you could ever ask for. We’ve reported on HEKLER twice before, both on his collaborative EP with WHIPPED CREAM and on his single with Lemay. Both were Trap and Bass inspired, and both had next level sound design. But the sound of each work is entirely different. And that is true of all of HEKLER’s works, where the most common theme is ironically how unique each track is in its own right. HEKLER continues this more »

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Enschway & LUUDE Drop Infectious Remix of RL Grime’s Reims

RL Grime’s latest single ‘Reims’ has only been out three days and there are already remixes starting to pop up. Usually I am hesitant to jump on quick remixes. But Enschway and LUUDE are definitely two of Australia’s best producers, and when together they become an unstoppable duo. The track begins with the ambiance and progressive intro of the original, where it builds a quickly into a wonky, unusual and infectious trap drop. The tune leads you back into the ambiance, and it builds again into a choppy and arguably better version of the original tracks’ drop. This release is more »

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Sunday Service Remixes Adventure Club’s “Firestorm”

“Firestorm” was one of the major singles from Adventure Club’s debut album Red // Blue last year, and remains one of the most successful. It hinted at a different direction for them by demonstrating less of their signature melodic dubstep and showing their diversity by incorporating more chill and mellow trap sounds. Sunday Service remixed it in a way that takes the original to all new territory. The Sunday Service remix offers a louder, more powerful future bass drop that feels more suitable for a song titled “Firestorm.” The lyrics, which were arguably the strongest part of the original song, flow well more »

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Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3 (Produced By TM88)

Coachella Valley Music & Arts // Playboi Carti With Lil Uzi Vert “Two of rap’s most buzzed about young stars came together during one of their Coachella sets: Playboi Carti appeared to perform “Woke Up Like This” during collaborator Lil Uzi Vert’s Sunday appearance.” –Rolling Stone Magazine  “Lil Uzi Vert is, for better or for worse, yanking people into the future, a world in which rap is a swirling kaleidoscope of post-regional styles and post-genre sounds…Uzi is the proper arrival, pushing that sound into more colorful, gleeful territory with the help of a murderers’ row of current producers.” – noisey more »

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Graves Unveils Debut EP, Atmospheric and Emotionally Heavy ‘Hilo’

Graves has always been able to deliver with cleanly produced hard hitting tracks, highlighted by impressive command over the atmosphere. They deliver the Trap experience that all bassheads want, while remaining remarkably conscious of their tone and mood. Because of this, within each Graves track there is always a feeling of them being more than just the bangers that they are. The hard hitting trap beats have always been the crux of his work, with the atmosphere being the cherry on top helping Graves stand out. Graves New EP ‘Hilo’ Flips The Dynamic of His Production Style. In comes the 6 track EP more »

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Sunset Music Festival Daily Artist Schedule is Now Available

‘Sunset Music Festival’ is only 23 days away and festival goers can now view the complete artist schedule. Boasting a roster of 45 artists, “Stacked across three stages, from the main stage talents at Sunset, to a full-on Eclipse by bass music’s power players, and ethereal goodness on the Horizon”.

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RL Grime Returns With New Future Bass Release

In the past few years and especially with the release of his debut album Void, RL Grime has become one of the biggest names in trap music.  However, more recently he’s been exploring a bit past the boundaries of trap and into future bass, which has now become one of the most widely recognizable genres in EDM, to the point where much of pop music is now taking influence from it.  His latest work under the genre is a new single called “Reims” which has certainly satiated his fanbase’s desire for something new. A fully instrumental track with the exception of more »

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Crystalize Impresses With Brand New Single “Bout Time” [Free Download]


Crystalize is easily one of the fastest growing names in bass music. Stacked with a line of fresh sounds Ben McGillivary has been steadily honing his craft with his previous single “King” reaching Soundclouds Top 5 House tunes on the New & Hot Chart. Now he is back with even more outstanding sound waves. Crystalize has just dropped his newest single “Bout Time” and it’s a brain rattler. This track starts life with the token Crystalize vibe, dark and mysterious, with an erie tick counting down the seconds until this track takes off. The intro gives way to a breath taking more »

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Artist KaTT Takes Narrative Approach To Music In ‘The Opus Collection’

After hearing a playlist entitled ‘Opus Ira‘ by Toronto producer KaTT, there was no doubt in my mind that he has the potential to be a real force in the current Trap scene and Bass scene in general. A holistically structured body of works, this project delivers not only on each individual song but also as a collective composition, like chapters of a book. And they literally flow into each other. The ending of each song serves as the beginning of the next, emphasizing the connected nature of the story. The theme is very clear: “Ira”, meaning wrath. ‘Opus Ira’ take more »

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Chuck Sutton Chops Together New Track ‘Me, Not You.’


Chuck Sutton landed himself on many people’s radar after the release of his debut EP Tripolar. With 3 Nest HQ premiere’s under his belt, this up-and-comer has made waves with his distinct choppy style of Future Bass/Trap mixed with 8-bit synths. His most recent track, ‘me, not you.‘ is a powerful reinforcement of the Sutton brand. Like any Chuck Sutton track, the critical component to ‘me, not you.’ is the clean and precise vocal and synth chopping. Chuck’s command over the vocals as an instrument allow them to be the main instrument of the song. Meanwhile, the synths take a more »

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